Bulldog-Klubben is the oldest Breed Club in Denmark under The Danish Kennel Club. It was, founded 1. of January 1908.

The Board of the Club consists of representatives of both English and French Bulldogs. The board has established committees to worke with the club's interests and for the purposes of the club. Established Show Committee, Health Committee, Magazine Committees, Training comitee and a Party committees to ensure commitment of the two races, and hence a high level of activity in the Club.

Anyone who has interest in the two breeds English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs can be a member.

However, one can not simultaneously be a member of a canine organization, unless this is recognized by the Danish Kennel Club.


Bulldog Club has two types of membership: either as a single member or family member. Quota size is dependent on the type of membership you choose. The differencend received benefits are f.exampel numbers of free tickets and on the number of votes at any election of directors, etc..


Should it be an English or French Bulldog ?

Both our breeds have unique and special qualities - the English Bulldog is heavy and staid, where the French Bulldog is smaller, lighter and very lively. Common to both races is that they are friendly, intelligent and affectionate - why exactly both breeds very well suited to both family and companion dogs.

Bod_webWhich of the breeds to choose is a temperament issue

Our two breeds are watchful, but not guard dogs - they are easily trained when it suits them, but they are not typical workingdogs. They are stubborn, headstrong, and likely more than "things". With a great sense of humor and happiness, when much of our breeds - they love to clowns and palying. If you want to train obedience or go to a show, please be patient and train to optain good contact with your dog - a few tasty treats are also recommended !

Where to buy a English or French Bulldog

Bulldog-Klubben refers interested parties to those of our members who are breeders - ie. a breeder under the Danish Kennel Club. Bulldog-Klubben has puppyadministration - Bulldoganvisningen - who always knows where there are puppies, or where in the near future is expected to be born in a litter. You can find Bulldoganviseren here at the website and in the Club magazine, The Kennel Club's breeder directory or through the Danish Kennel Club.

The breeders who are members of  Bulldog-Klubben is seriously working breeders - Numerous over many years - and here puppies are raised with the love for the breed in mind. All puppies are pedigreed in DKK  whose rules any breeder is obliged to follow. As a dog owner in Denmark, you are covered by purchase Act.

A healthy Bulldog with a breed typical appearance and temperament are therefore most easily from a breeder who is a member of Bulldog-Klubben and the Danish Kennel Club.


Plan the acquisition of the puppy
Remember that the purchase of a puppy is an investment in a family member who must be part of your lives for many years. So be careful in considering finding the right puppy - take your time. Learn and study the breed - contact some breeders and ask if it is possible to come to visit. You get the option to see the adult dogs in their familiar surroundings.

Don´t only look at a litter - all puppies are adorable - see also the parents - puppies is most likely very similar to them.

Once the final choice is made, it is important occasionally to visit the puppy. Then you get the opportunity to follow the litter and achieve a better mutual understanding of your new puppy and breeder.

Pick up your puppy
When the big day comes when the pup is 8-10 weeks old and is ready to change their family, it is important that this change takes place as gently as possible. Take your time the day you must get your puppy. Take a blanket and put it into the litter box while you are with the breeder. It is a very big change for the puppy suddenly having to be without his/her mother and siblings. Therefore it is important that it gets something that smells like home. It is also important that you know what the puppy has been eating so you can continue with the same feed and avoid stomach problems.

Have you chosen a caring sensible breeder, then everything is already prepared by the breeder before you get your  puppy.

The breeder has the puppy vaccinated and tested at the vet before it must leave home, but remember yet to be notified of worming and vaccinations. Ask to get a DKK-purchase contract from the breeder in the event of the emergence of disease, or to be made special arrangements for exhibition ore breeding.


Now you've got an idea of Bulldog-Klubben and of our two breeds - English and French Buldlog - sign up if you have interest in our two breeds - if you interested in buying a puppy, or if you are already a new puppy buyer.

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